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Our vision is to become Tanzania’s leading forex training company which provides ordinary Tanzanians with a chance to create an alternative, passive income towards their financial freedom.

Why choose us?

We offer world class forex trading and strategies which are used by professional traders at leading investment banks.

We understand the volatility involved in the Forex market, which is why we tailor our service offering to suit the investors’ criteria and risk appetite, to provide access to unique and fruitful investments.

We are dedicated to creating long-lasting wealth for our investor, and to be frank, ourselves too. It is for this reason we have put great importance on maintaining a high standard on our level of service to our clients, in order to fulfill this common goal. We truly value the relationships we have with our clients.

Products and services

Our course covers all aspects of forex trading – from the history of forex, to the technical and fundamental – including all the tools a professional trader would need.

The course is structured in a three (7) day course intensive lectures on forex, thereafter Team Dollars Fx provides a lifetime of mentoring including daily technical analysis.

Our experience and capacity extends to trading;

  • cryptocurrency
  • money and fund management
  • investment consulting
  • market and trend analysis
  • and education

“Follow the path less followed by others and you will be successful.”

About TDFX

We provide premium forex services to our traders at much more affordable prices than our competitors, while maintaining the same quality, and offer more convenience, content, and value..

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